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Back to School Letter from the Nurse

August 18, 2016

Dear St. Joseph Parents/Guardians,

I look forward to another year as the School Nurse for St. Joseph School, coordinating health care/health concerns for all St. Joseph children.  Please continue to call me for any questions/concerns regarding your child’s health (for both east and west campus).  You can reach me through the school office at 419-882-6670.

Throughout the year, I will be sending out various communications with information or requests that may be of interest to you.  Today I have five items that I would like to address:

This year we will have all emergency medical forms completed electronically.  You should have completed the Emergency Medical Forms in School Speak.  If you have not already completed this information, please complete by August 19th.  We will print these forms out so they are available and on file for emergencies, field trips, etc.
If your child’s medical information changes at any time after these forms are completed and you need to amend the information to them,  please contact me so that I can update the forms that are on file.
St. Joseph School follows diocesan guidelines and Ohio School Law regarding medication administration.  Medication will only be given to students by school personnel when written permission is obtained from the physician and the parent.  A medication administration form can be obtained from the school clinic or St. Joseph School website.  Medication should be brought in by the parent/guardian.  Students may not carry medication during the school day.  All medication must be given to the school nurse.  If, however, it is medically necessary for a student to store a medication in the classroom, then a special form must be completed by the parent and physician.  The medication must come to school in a pharmacy-labeled container including doctor’s name, student’s name, drug, time to be given and amount.  If the medication needs to be given at school, the pharmacy needs to divide the amount into separately labeled bottles for school and home.  Medications are forgotten when they are brought back and forth daily, meaning an important dosage is missed at home.

Medication guidelines noted above apply to prescription as well as over-the-counter medications.  If you feel your child may need Tylenol or other over-the-counter medications during the school year, you should have a medication form completed by your family physician and supply a container of medication to the clinic.

The medication guidelines also apply to those students who use Inhalers.

Cough drops/Lozenges are considered over-the-counter medications, and written permission will be necessary for use of these.  Risks of choking on these products while in a classroom setting is increased.  Therefore, cough drops/lozenges will only be dispensed in the clinic.  The student may return to his/her classroom once the cough drop/lozenge has been consumed.

Sunscreen use guidelines are available on the St. Joseph School website and require a separate consent form. 

Thank you for your continued support!



Therese M. Hoehn R.N., B.S.N., C.P.N.

School Nurse