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Golden Apple Award Nomination Form

The Golden Apple Award.  The 2015 – 2016 school year marks the eleventh consecutive year that this award has been presented in the Diocese of Toledo.  Through the generosity and kindness of the Jack and Rhonda Donahue Family Foundation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Golden Apple Award has been established to honor outstanding individuals who devote their lives to teaching in Catholic Schools.  The foundation has been expanded from the Diocese of Pittsburgh to include the Diocese of Youngstown and the Diocese of Toledo. The award will be given to seven elementary teachers and two secondary teachers each year in the Toledo Diocese.  In light of the valuable contribution made by the teachers of St. Joseph to children, families, the Church, and society in general, I ask that you consider placing a name in nomination. 
Eligibility Requirements: 

The candidate must be a practicing Catholic, full-time teacher and have completed a minimum of three full years in the elementary or secondary school at which they are currently employed.
A teacher, parent or student must nominate the applicant in an elementary school.
The teacher must have a valid license or certification, both state and diocesan, for the position they currently hold. (All St. Joseph teachers hold valid state and diocesan licensure or certification.)

A Nomination Form is included in today’s Thursday Envelope or download below (PDF).  Please take a moment to consider honoring a teacher’s dedication to Catholic Education at St. Joseph by nominating her/him for this prestigious award.  Please note that the Nomination Form and Letter of Recommendation are due in my office by Friday, February 12.  The names of the nominated teachers and the letters of recommendation will be forwarded to the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office on February 19 to begin the teacher portion of the application process.  In March the requirements for teachers must be completed and in April winners will be notified.  The Golden Apple Award includes a cash award of $5000, a Golden Apple with a 24 carat gold cross, a Golden Apple lapel pin, individual and group photos with Bishop Thomas, and a video of the Golden Apple Award Dinner.

Two St. Joseph teachers have been honored as recipients of the award.  Mrs. Carol Lindsley, as a third grade teacher, received the award in 2008.  Mrs. Pam Zychowicz, as a second grade teacher, received the award in 2014.