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Health Screening Volunteers

Dear St. Joseph Parents/Guardians,

I will begin the annual health screening of our students in the coming weeks.   I will be completing health screenings for the students of K- 8.  I may need occasional assistance in the clinic, from parents who are Registered Nurses. This would occur on occasions that I am in the classrooms for a scheduled time or out of the building for a scheduled commitment.  This is a fun way to be involved with the school.  Any Registered Nurse who believes they might be able to assist in the clinic, should return the bottom portion of this letter through the Thursday Envelope.  I will contact anyone who indicates a willingness to help me to discuss what your assistance would involve.  I can be reached through school at 882-6670 for anyone having further questions.  Thank You.

Therese M. Hoehn R.N., B.S.N., C.P.N.

School Nurse