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Honeywell Instant Alert

Honeywell Alert.  Keeping parents informed and involved helps to assure student safety and improve student success.  Instant Alert for Schools is an essential tool for notification and communication.  Within minutes of an emergency, school officials can use Instant Alert to deliver a single, clear message to the students’ parents or guardians by telephone, cell phone, email, pager or PDA in any combination. 

We initiate a weather alert when we receive information that Sylvania is delaying or closing. Most often that announcement on local television stations or social media sites is made around 6:00 am. Occasionally it appears as early as 5:30 am. Our subsequent Honeywell Alert to all parents confirming that we (SJS) have a delay or closing follows, but not sooner than 5:50 am. If you do not receive an alert from SJS, please follow the television announcement regarding Sylvania Schools. When they delay, we delay; when they close, we close.

Your home/primary telephone is the default contact. You may update your profile at by following the Parent Instruction Sheet (PDF).  Maintaining the accuracy of your profile will increase the ability of the school to keep you informed.