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A Look Back, A Peek Ahead! Benefit Dinner 2017!

We would like our school families to be aware of the tremendous impact and important work that has been accomplished because of the proceeds of the previous ten St. Joseph School Benefit Dinners.  We are proud of the fact that our Benefit Dinners have raised over $665,484 in ten years!  Over these years, profits have been applied to our school’s endowment fund, tuition assistance, playground enhancement and technology.


2007           Night in Venice                          $96,000

2008           Mardi Gras on Main                   $72,000

2009           Escape to Vegas                       $65,000

2010            Set Sail on Main                      $50,000

2011          Lights-Camera-Auction!               $72,000

2012       Odyssey on the Orient Express      $58,000

2013            We’re Having a Heat Wave        $62,000

2014            The Big Chill                            $57,000

2015            A Morocckin’ Night                  $68,000

2016            From Paris, With Love              $65,080 

St. Joseph School Benefit Dinner directly benefits our children… now and into the future!  We encourage you to find a way to become involved.                               

Jenni Buerk, Andrea DuBois, Eileen Gemerchak, Sandy Gilley, Maegen Verkennes                         

General Chairpersons