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Medication Guidelines

St. Joseph School follows diocesan guidelines and Ohio School Law regarding medication administration.  Medication will be given to students by school personnel only when written permission is obtained from the physician and the parent.  A medication administration form (Form A) can be obtained from the school clinic or the St. Joseph School web site.  Medication should be brought to the school clinic by the parent/guardian.  Students may not carry medication during the school day.  All medication must be given to the school nurse.  If, however, it is medically necessary for a student to store a medication in the classroom, then a special two page form (Form B) must be completed by the parent and physician.  This may be indicated for older, responsible students using inhalers or for students carrying Epi-Pens.  It is advised that if the student is to carry his own inhaler, a duplicate inhaler be made available to the clinic   in case the student can not find his/her own inhaler or if he presents in the clinic in distress.

For students having an order to carry their own Epi-Pen or keep their Epi-Pen in the classroom, a duplicate Epi-Pen must be kept in the clinic at all times.  In addition to having an Epi-Pen order, a two page Allergy Action Plan (Form C) is to be completed by Parent/Physician.   

Medication must come to school in a pharmacy-labeled container including doctor’s name, student’s name, drug, time to be given and amount.  If the medication needs to be given at school, the pharmacy needs to divide the amount into separately labeled bottles for school and home.  Medications are forgotten when they are brought back and forth daily, meaning an important dosage is missed at home.

Medication guidelines noted above apply to prescription as well as over-the-counter medications.  If you feel your child may need Tylenol or other over-the-counter medications during the school year, you should have a medication form completed by your family physician and supply a container of medication to the clinic.