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P.A.C.K. Week, October 3-7

Join the fun during P.A.C.K. Week and help your child get more colorful fruits and vegetables into his/her day. Here are some easy tips to packing great-tasting and nutritious fruits and veggies:

Monday, October 3: Pack Purple Day

Did you know that only 3% of our current fruit and veggie consumption is from the purple/blue category? Yet, these fruits and veggies provide natural plant nutrients not found in other colors.

A child-friendly way to “pack purple” is with 100% grape juice made from purple Concord grapes. It is available year-round and just four ounces counts as a serving of fruit. Packing juice in a reusable container is also a great way to help save the environment.

Since dried fruit counts too, try packing a snack-sized box of raisins for snack time.

A plum is a tasty lunchbox addition or try including blueberries or blackberries in a reusable container.

Tuesday, October 4: Pack White Day

White, tan and brown fruits and veggies make up this color category.

The most common white fruit is the banana…and they’re easy to pack and so delicious.

Your child might enjoy a white peach or a pear.

Cauliflower florets with ranch dressing are a crunchy lunch addition.

Wednesday, October 5: Pack Red Day

Red fruits and vegetables are a cheery addition to the lunchbox.

You could send your child to school with a red apple on Pack Red Day.

Consider packing a few cherries or strawberries for a tasty treat.

Many kids love red pepper slices or tomato wedges either with or without some ranch dressing.

Thursday, October 6 : Pack Yellow/Orange Day

Yellow/Orange fruits and vegetables will brighten up everyone’s day.

The most common yellow/orange fruit is the orange.

Baby carrots are super easy to pack and kids just love them.

Other great yellow/orange options are nectarines, peaches or pineapple chunks.

See if your child likes dried apricots. They’re surprisingly delicious and super healthy.

Friday, October 7: Pack Green Day

Green fruits and vegetables are the most commonly eaten group of fruits and vegetables…but there’s always room for more!

Green grapes (halves for younger children) and green apples are kid favorites, and they’re easy to send to school on Pack Green Day.

Celery sticks or green pepper slices are terrific crunchy snacks and can be packed along side ranch dressing for a fun dipping option.

Other nutritious vegetable choices are snow peas, sugar snap peas or broccoli florets.

Pack More Fruits and Vegetables into Each Day