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Preschool Calendar and News!

March Preschool Calendar is posted below.  Please read an important message from the Preschool directors.

Dear Parents,

Next week, February 29-March 4, is “Right to Read Week! We’re planning lots of special activities and “celebrity readers” for each day of the week to celebrate. Please stay tuned  

Congratulations to Jenise and Adam Stanley, parents of Noah, who is in the Fantastic Fish classroom. Miss Jenise is a teacher in the afternoon program. Their baby, Max Henry Stanley, arrived on Monday, January 25th, (5 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches tall). Max and Miss Jenise are healthy, beautiful and strong! This is a true blessing!

On Sunday, March 20th we will be holding our tenth Annual Preschool Art Show. You, your family and friends are welcome to come any time between 1:00 and 2:30 p.m. and browse the children’s work while enjoying some light refreshments. We have been saving artwork all year long and this will surely be the highlight of the year. Please make note of this date on your calendar! Also, we are asking parents to bake 1-2 dozen cookies to add to our refreshments.


Be sure to keep your child at home when they are sick. We try very hard not to spread communicable illnesses to the other children in the class by continually washing hands upon arrival, after blowing noses, before snacks, etc. You may want to review the parent handbook for a description of when a child should not be in attendance. Thank you for your help in keeping our environment healthy for the children.

This time of year the cold weather is tricky.  Please be sure to send warm clothing for outdoor play. We go outside almost every day which means the children need warm coats, hats, mittens, and appropriate shoes. They should also have snow pants and boots.
You may want to check your child’s extra clothes box so that they have clothes to change into if they need. The only clothes we can use for the children are the ones that are provided in their box.

Please try to stop by the “Parent Information Board” in our classrooms. Information is posted such as snack menus and lesson plans for each week. This may give you more of an idea of the events we have planned for the classes.
For several reasons we ask that you please refrain from sending toys to preschool with your child. This causes distractions from the activities that we have planned for the class. Sometimes the children aren’t comfortable sharing their toys during playtime or they only want to play with the toys they brought and not take part in the activities that we are offering. This seems to be more of a problem since the holidays. We know that they are very anxious to show their toys to their friends but this should really be reserved for when it is their turn to bring the show and tell bag to school.


Nancy Okuley, Director