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Principal Bulletin February 18, 2016

Dear Parents,

WEATHER.  Last year at this time we had accumulated 52.5 hours of school delays and closures.  In the year prior to that, our final “snow day” count was 93+ hours.  That is over 17 days.  Students, teachers, and parents were experiencing the side effects of this incredibly cold and snowy winter.  This year we have accumulated 7.5 hours of weather related delays and closures.  Students have been able to go outside at morning and lunch recess on a regular basis. With the daffodils at the elementary school entrance already breaking ground, we want to believe that winter may be over.  Every day when we announce that it will be an outside recess rather than inside, we hear cheers coming from classrooms through the building.   And…we offer a prayer of thanksgiving. There may still be some very chilly days ahead of us so don’t let up on warm jackets, hats, and gloves. Without these items we will not send children out to play no matter how much they engage in the familiar chant, “…but I’m not cold, really” and that is distressing to them and us as they watch their friends play and run off some of the morning’s pent up energy.  

SERVICE.  Thank you for helping your children participate in recent service projects.

     Mom's House.  Kindergarten through fifth grade students celebrated the 100th day of school with many creative activities.  Part of that event included the annual collection of jars of baby food and baby items for Mom's House.  Administration from Mom's House tell us that our outreach to them supplies the house with enough baby food for a year and that they happily join with us in celebrating the 100th day of school!

     Spare a Square.  The second service project was sponsored by the Sylvania Franciscan Village.  They engage in an annual event that assists local pantries in restocking their shelves.  This year the “Have a Heart Restock Drive” requested that our families “spare a square” or donate a hygiene item. They invited us to again join with them in this outreach and with a resounding "Yes" from our community the overall goal of 1500 rolls was easily met. 

Letters from Sixth Grade.  The students in Mrs. Theresa Kulka’s sixth grade classroom write notes to our home bound parishioners.  With the assistance of Mrs. Laurie Neary, St. Joseph Parish Nurse, students are each given the name of a home bound parish member.  The student writes to that person all year long. They write on a weekly basis and from the responses received by students, by Mrs. Kulka, by Msgr. Metzger and Fr. Ritter, and by myself, we know the students are making graced connections. This is a wonderful service ministry between some of our youngest and oldest parishioners.

Students and parents offer support by providing stamps for this weekly service project.

In my many years at St. Joseph, I have each year asked you for help with local and sometimes global service projects.  I cannot recall even a single time when you said no. Your “yes”, your generosity, not only assists those in need but sends a message to your children, our students, that you do truly believe that we are one human family, whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences.  For our students learning to practice the virtue of solidarity means learning that “loving our neighbor” has a global dimension. On behalf of all the teachers, we are truly grateful!

Registration for the 2016 – 2017 School Year.  Have you turned in your Registration Form?  Please try to get it to us tomorrow.  Our kindergarten registrations continue to build.  We have a number of families who have asked about a Readiness Kindergarten.  It is an initiative we may want to consider.  However, it very much depends upon the need.

Enjoy the weekend!


Sally A. Koppinger, Principal