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PTO Uniform Sale - June 1, 2016

8 - 10 AM and 5 - 7 PM

West Campus Banquet Hall

Drop off sale items to west campus office by Friday, May 27th

Suggested Prices (you may determine your own price)

  • Plaid Jumpers/Skirts/Skorts $10
  • Uniform Pants/Shorts $1
  • Uniform Sweatshirts $2
  • Banded Bottom Shirts $1
  • Uniform Shirts $.50 & up
  • Misc Items (Spirit Wear, etc) $.25 & up

Attach tag with price, size, student’s name & homeroom, and “Will pick up” or “Donate” (for items that do not sell).
Untagged items - Proceeds will be donated to PTO, and unsold items will be donated.
Items to be sold include anything listed in SJS dress code (uniform jumpers, skirts, skorts, pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts) and SJS spirit wear, athletic apparel, CYO uniforms, or scout uniforms.
Earnings may be picked up at west campus office beginning June 3rd.
Unsold items marked for pick up will be located outside west campus gym.

Questions? Contact Cristina Goodyear at

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