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Reminder Halloween Parade

Our annual Halloween Parade will take place on Monday, October 31, at 1:30 p.m.  Children should bring their costumes to school in the morning.  They will be given time to put them on after lunch.  All students in kindergarten through eighth grade are invited to participate.  Parents are welcome to come.  The parade route begins at the school doors of the west campus, crosses the parking lot behind the church, proceeds to and along the driveway at Rosary Hall on the Lourdes University campus, and then returns to the St. Joseph west campus, past the front of the church and back to the elementary school.  Students from the middle school will join K – 5 students at the start of the parade.  There are many places to stand and take pictures or just enjoy the varied and creative costumes that children wear.  All visitors should park across the street from the elementary building in order to keep the school parking lot open for students as they parade.

Halloween Costume Guidelines:  Please help your child choose a costume that is St. Joseph School appropriate. 

Costumes that are a little scary are usually all right, but gory costumes are not.
Some middle school students like to dress as television/film personalities.  In our experience, most of the time, that has been fine.  However, they need to be cautious.  The content of many reality TV shows is not intended for a middle school audience. Representation of those associated personalities would be unacceptable.
Students may not bring to school look-alike weapons that go with their costume.  Look-alike weapons include costume items such as swords, knives, bows/arrows, rifles, spears, guns of any type or size.

Students are allowed to wear their costumes home.  If their costume includes a mask, it will need to be carried or placed in their back-pack.