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Dear Parents,

Right to Read Week is coming soon, February 29 - March 4, 2016.      

This is just a note to get you working on an at home craft idea.

For the last several years we have had a “Reading” T-Shirt/Jeans Day.  It was such a success that we would like to make it an annual event.  This year you may wear your “reading” t-shirt and a pair of jeans on Friday March 4.  So if you made a shirt last year you are all set, and if you are new to our school or last year’s shirt doesn’t fit, here is how to make one.

Get a t-shirt, wash first without fabric softener, and dry.  Use fabric paints or fabric markers to make a shirt with lots of writing on it.  The front could say Right to Read Week and the back could list your favorite books, favorite authors, or the top 10 reasons you like to read.  Make sure there is a cardboard liner between the front and the back until both sides are dry.  Then toss it into the dryer and heat set.  The whole idea is to be able to read each other’s shirts that day.  If you can’t make one, then try to wear a shirt with lots of writing on it.  School appropriate of course!  You could wear St. Joseph's apparel, Positive Direction shirts, favorite team shirts with lots of writing on them, or dress as a favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Have fun creating your reading t-shirt, stock up on some good books for our reading contest and be sure to look in the February 25 Thursday envelope and on-line for your reading certificates and more information on each day’s reading activities. 

 Mary Ann Wisniewski

And the Right to Read Committee