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St. Joseph Sunscreen Policy

St. Joseph School wishes to encourage students to protect themselves from the sun.  One way of doing this is to use sunscreen at the appropriate time.    If a student is to use sunscreen at school, parents are asked to:

  1. Provide the sunscreen product for school use.  The sunscreen must be:
    Clearly marked with the child’s name.
    Replenished by the parent as needed.
  2. The sunscreen product will be stored in the child’s book bag or other location designated by the teacher.
  3. The child must be able to apply his or her own sunscreen.
  4. It will be the child’s responsibility to determine when to use sunscreen during the school day.  Parents should instruct their child as to when to apply sunscreen.
  5. For kindergarten parents:  You are asked to apply sunscreen at home before a typical school day.  If the school day is extended for your child ( i.e.- all day field trip or Extended Day use) you are asked to:
    Discuss with your child’s teacher if your child is too young and unable to apply his/her own sunscreen. 
    If it is considered necessary for teachers/staff to assist with the application of sunscreen, the sunscreen will only be applied to face, neck, arms, hands and lower legs.  Parents are asked to provide written instruction to teachers for their child’s individual needs.