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Summer Slide / Summer Reading Club

What is “Summer Slide”?  “Summer Slide” is a term used to describe the decline in reading and math achievement children suffer just from being away from school.  Unless children read and practice math in the summer months, they can lose skills learned during the school year.  Like playing a sport or musical instrument, math and reading skills can be enhanced by practice.   

Research shows that reading over the summer helps keep children on track with reading.  Be sure the books are just right, however.  Not too hard and not too easy.

                                                  Remember:  Kids who read, succeed!         

In addition, practicing math during the summer will help keep your student on track for the fall.

The teachers of St. Joseph School have come up with some ideas to help your child stay engaged and excited about summer reading and math practice.  Here are some suggestions:

*Be a part of St. Joseph Summer Reading Club.  Have your K-4th grade child read six books, and your 5th -7th grade child read three books, fill out the reading form, and return it to his/her new teacher in the fall.  If submitted by August 26, 2016, your child will receive a pass for a jeans day of their choice during the first quarter!   (The Summer Reading Club form is on the back of this sheet and on-line for your convenience.)

*Check out one or more of the other reading programs available: 

  • The University of Toledo Rocket Football Reading Program (
  • Toledo Lucas County Public Library Summer Reading Challenge
  • Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge (

*Prodigy offers a free math program that will provide your child with access to summer math practice.  Prodigy has been used in some classrooms this year with great success.  Students love it, as it provides math practice in a video-game format.  If your child does not already have a sign-on for Prodigy, you can go to to register. 

*Set a time to practice math facts during the week.  It could be as little as 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week.  Remember, the more you practice, the better you get!

Have a wonderful summer!!