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Thank You So Much!

A big thank you goes out to all the students and parents who were able to help at the Festirama Chicken Dinner Dining Room! 

It was fun…let’s do it again next year!

Mrs. Carol Lindsley

  • AJ and Paula Adam
  • Lizzie and Julie Axe
  • Alexa Brown
  • Addison Brzuchalski
  • Aiden Carroll
  • Maggie and Amy Finnegan
  • Trip and MyLien Floyd
  • Emma, Cooper, Tessa and Laura Hoyt
  • Emma and Jessica Jones
  • Audrey Kelly
  • Samantha Koesters
  • Kelsey Leamy
  • Samantha and Erica Lehr
  • Macey, Nathan, Ben Malek
  • John and Amy Mathias
  • Peter and Beth Mooney
  • Gina, Ava and Annette Napoli
  • Eliana and Isabel Peron
  • Grace, Dominic, Tracy and Frank Pizza
  • Devyn, Shane and Abby Riley
  • Jacob and Anne Seikel
  • Charley Sullins
  • Gracie and Apolo Timperley
  • Tyler Wisniewski

I apologize if I missed your name or the name of your parent!