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Water Bottles

Dr. David Grossman from the Lucas County Health Department has issued a memo concerning the use of water bottles that I believe is important to pass along to you. He recommends that students not share drinking containers, such as water bottles, since many diseases can be passed through infected saliva.

Students involved in extracurricular activities such as sports may share drinking containers during practices and games, either accidentally or knowingly.  Teachers, coaches and parents should discourage this behavior since illnesses such as viral meningitis, enteroviruses, rotaviruses, and influenza can be easily transmitted from one student to the next.

The Health Department encourages teachers, coaches, and parents to take the following steps to reduce the likelihood of illness:

  1. Label drinking containers with the student’s name.
  2. Ensure that drinking containers are filled regularly during practice and games to discourage sharing of drinking containers.
  3. Wash drinking containers regularly.
  4. Exclude ill students from practice and activities.
  5. Encourage regular hand washing, especially after bathroom breaks and before meals.