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Yearbook 2015-2016, Attention Coaches and Scout Leaders

Each year the St. Joseph Yearbook has a section featuring our school players from each team and members of each scout troop/organization.   A professional photographer takes all sport team pictures and sends them to us.  If your team’s picture was not taken by a professional photographer, you may submit another team picture.  The students should be in their uniforms.

Scout leaders need to submit a scout troop picture also. * Pictures should be e-mailed.*   Please e-mail to Kelly O’Brien @  Be sure all students’ faces are recognizable in group pictures. (The picture can be no larger than  4 inches by 6 inches.)  Please send only ONE photo per group as our space is limited.  Please identify the group/team (e.g. Girl Scouts, grade 5).

Pictures will not be returned because we cannot guarantee the return of our proof pages.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Yearbook Committee